Tony Tam

Tony is the founder of Hatikva Global Watch Ltd, Hatikva Holidays Ltd, Hatikva Global Ltd and Eternity Global Investment Ltd (Incorporated in Israel since 2008)  which is a company doing business related to products to promote the knowledge of Israel. His business including Hebrew letter clockwise and anti-clockwise countdown watches, tailor made private tour from Asia to Israel, shofar and other souvenir of Israel etc. Tony Baptist on 1983 in Tsim Sha Tsui Baptist Church and started serving the Lord actively since 2005 when he joined the Full Gospel Businessmen Fellowship International and traveled around to different countries for the Sharing the Gospel to Businessmen. He is also the host to hospitality Rev Franklin Graham festival on Nov 2007 and Rev Reinhard Bonnke conference on June 2008 and Nov 2009. He was asked by one of his mentor Dr Agatha Chan in Mar 2006 to Israel for a first Mandarin Watchman School Training and after that he was touched by the Holy Spirit and called by the Lord to start his ministries related to Israel. He is focusing on the Jewish societies in Hong Kong and Israel. He has involved in organizing many conferences for teaching about Israel to Churches in different countries. He is the broad Director of God’s Glory Ministry in Hong Kong. He has invited several Pastors from Israel to come to Hong Kong and China to share about Israel and arranged Hebrew Song concerts in the past few years. He is also one the few Chinese members to be invited as member of Jewish Community Centre in Robinson Road on Hong Kong. He is a Chinese who has been thoroughly supporting the Israel government in bringing home Jews scattering around the world. He have his wife complete support in time, energy, finance, and resources in serving the Jews and the nation of Israel. That’s his purpose in establishing the four companies — to offer a two-way platform for exchanging and promoting the knowledge of Israel and its culture and, in so doing, bring God’s love back to His chosen people — the Jews.

Louisa Yau

Louisa Yau is the Managing Director of a Private Bank in Hong Kong responsible for Client Relationship Management and Wealth Management for Wealthy Families. Her job responsibilities including Family Wealth Planning, Trust and Fiduciary services. She and her colleagues started the Bible Study Fellowship in her department since 2003 and actively involved in Market Place ministry until 2007, she started to help her husband Tony Tam focusing on Kingdom ministries related to Israel. 

Tony has been to Israel for 19 times and Louisa has been accompanied Tony for 9 times in the past 6 years. They married with a son Marco who is 16 years ago and Marco was baptized in Jordan River by Joseph Shulam in April, 2007. The Tam family is now actively involving in Israel society aiming to bring God’s love to HIS chosen people, the Jewish..